Tama: Tamagotchi Smart
Player name: AISU♡
Started: 23th December 2021
Generation: 2

26.12.2021 - Wait What?
Oh my god. Okay where do I begin.. So my tama turned into an adult. So fast! She turned into this cutie, Watawatatchi:

I was of course excited, because I knew this would open the Tamatching, or the Tama Tinder basically. I had NO idea what would happen when I picked a date for her. Well.. here you see..

Yea. She married this cute fluffy boy, rode with him to the sunset and left me their BABY. So now my lovely adult tama is immediately gone and I got a new little egg to take care of. I was bummed! I wish I had known this! Well, the new egg was rolling around and it hatched another girl. Pink and needy. I took good care of her so now she looks like this:

She's Chamekotchi, very cute. I still feel a bit sad my first generation tama just found a boy on tinder and left me :( I'm gonna keep this generation at least one or two days longer and not immediately marry her to anyone. Also this Chamekotchi loves honey. I saw her eating multiple jars and then found three more somewhere and ate them too.

25.12.2021 - Teens!
My sweet tama grew into a teenager this morning at 8am! She's now Rabirabitchi, looks like this, super cute:

She has been SO happy today. All the time just dancing, blushing, smiling, hearts on her head. It's so cute and she's doing so good it's almost unsettling. She's just so happy. What kind of person can be THAT happy all the time? Feels like she doesn't even need me to take care of her LOL. I'm kidding, but yea, she has been wiggly and happy all day long, and that's a bit odd for a teenager. I also finally learned how to play the rainbow game and it's the easiest one for sure. I'm making good money. And today the tama did something weird. Like she went to shower but suddenly she was throwing some items or something. I wonder what that was but maybe I will catch her doing it again and I will hopefully figure it out.

24.12.2021 - Christmas Eve
Today was a special day - our Christmas celebrations! In Finland we celebrate on 24th of December. My tama was with me at our family party and I was showing it to everyone. And yea - the tama woke me up at 7am this morning like I feared. And she will do it tomorrow too, most likely.. lol. We had a very lovely Christmas. Here is a photo of my tama meeting Santa and flying and dropping gifts.

23.12.2021 - Tama Mail!
I got my Tamagotchi Smart today as a Christmas gift from my boyfriend (thank you so much!!!)! The wait for it was difficult, had some problems with DHL, but finally I got it and unboxed it in a video call with my boyfriend.
It's so pretty! It arrived in perfect shape, I got it in Mint blue, and I also got the Rainbow Friends TamaSma card with it. The difficult part about using the tama is the fact that it's in Japanese.. But thankfully I found a perfect English guide online and a lot of nice youtube videos are helping me to use the tama. So first I had an egg... it was rolling around.. and then this little one hatched!:

She's a girl and called Puchikotchi. And I took a lot of time trying to understand all the menus and stuff while she was pooping, being sick and hungry - I'm a bad tama mama I guess - so she turned out to look like this next:

Kurumaritchi - you get this with "Less than 50% fondness" so oops, but she's cute and very round. I love her. Immediately after she evolved, she went to bed. zzzz... Yeah it's getting quite late. I'm terrified what if she wakes up at 7am because I'm never up that early. We will see. I'm sure we are gonna have fun together! n_n