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Name: Javion Morin
Gender: Male
Status: Deceased
Partner: Saria Morin
Offspring: Danielle and Adriano Morin
Traits: Clumsy, Perfectionist, Geek
Career: Second Place of Big Brother Season 1
Ages Lived: Young Adult, Adult, Elder

Other info, pictures, memories:

Javion was a fun and relaxed guy who became second in Big Brother season 1. He was liked and many flirted with him too. He started a relationship with Mayuko in the house but they separated after the show. He married some other woman and had a couple of babies.

Javion quickly formed an alliance with Mayuko and Royalty.

Happy after voted for immunity on week 1.

Sad after seeing John flirt with Mayuko.

Went for the kiss with Mayuko.

They were also the first ones to woohoo in Big Brother.

Javion found this weekly task hard because of his clumsiness.

Another immunity gained in week 4.

"You think you can win this challenge, Roscoe ? Huh?"

Awkward meeting with Mayuko after she had been evicted.

Some really chaotic picture of Javion and Royalty.

Making a frog joke to impress the girls.